the Process of Specifying, Acquiring, Manipulation or Generating Audio Elements




Sound Designer Company.

Jean-Michel Caron is a Montreal Based sound designer. He offers his service for all types of sound related needs and this anywhere it may be.

His services range from Sound Design, Live Mixing, Live or Studio Recording to sound system design, specification and Calibration all the way to soundscapes for Live shows, Musicals or Plays.

JMC Audio Design

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What we Can do to Help you:

  1. Sound Design

  2. Live Mixing

  3. Musical / Play, Sound Effects creation

  4. Consulting

  5. System Design and Specification

  6. Recording (Live or Studio)

We have years of experience to help you with your sound project
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Jean-Michel Caron

     E-Mail: jmcaron@me.com

     Phone: 514-891-8457